The Difference

The Difference by Scott Page Lots of people have heard about the concept of the Wisdom of Crowds. When I read the book of that name by James Surowiecki in 2004, it kinda threw me for a loop. All throughout my professional career up to that point, I had worked under the assumption that expertise was all important. After all, why would anyone ask a non-expert anything about any subject to which the person doesn’t have a clue?  On the surface it seems dumb. Lots of smart commentators have said over time that the stupid unwashed masses are just that, stupid and unwashed and ought not to be listened to.  But after reading Surowiecki, I started thinking more about and taking into account the inputs of average people who were not experts in a particular field when it came time for planning in military and business operations.  But Surowiecki’s book was often attacked by those very “smart guy experts” that Surowiecki said ought to be avoided. They said his book was a Gladwell-like collection of anecdotes and not a research program with empirical results. […]