A Voyage Long and Strange / Nixonland

A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz Nixonland by Rick Pearlstein Who Writes The Narratives Of What We Believe? Have you ever wondered how it is that we come to accept certain versions of history and what we believe about ourselves and those we associate with? I’m not talking about historical or moral relativism. I’m talking about how we come to accept certain narratives about our own history that are not necessarily or even remotely true. History is more shaped to a narrative than just existing as fact. Winston Churchill is known, among his many fames, for stating that history is written by the victors. Yet, I contend that history is not necessarily what happened, but what certain historians posit happened based on the evidence they are able to uncover. The deeper the historian delves into the context of the time and places the discovered facts into the context, can we understand not just what happened in history, but hopefully why as well.  It is a delicate balance the historian must make in not reading too much into the context. But none of that matters when additions are made to the known facts or critical elements are left out of the narrative. Natalie Zemon Davis, who wrote one of the most important works on history and how we know what we know in her seminal work, The Return Of Martin Guerre, probably went too far in attributing to her heroine in the book feelings and thoughts that are not supported by the evidence and likely were influenced by Davis’s own modern sociology. […]

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Endercast: Podcast #18

Tom was recently featured on episode 18 of the popular Endercast podcast, a podcast devoted to the popular Ender series novels by Orson Scott Card. Tom talks about his involvement in Card’s book “Ender’s World.”

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Goodness Breeds Goodness

Before all else, goodness can make an organization; no matter your job, no matter your position, no matter your rank, if you show genuine goodness towards all people, they will go out of their way to help you succeed.  1 of 9

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