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The Big Trade Podcast, part 2 of 2: Ender’s Game ft. Tom Ruby

Tom sits down with Peter Pham for another tactful conversation on strategic planning. To begin part two of their two-part discussion, Peter talks about how to cut out of the noise of bad information in decision-making. Tom then shares his experience with his consultant business. This is followed by a discussion [...]

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The Big Trade Podcast, part 1 of 2: The Arts of War ft. Tom Ruby

Tom joins The Big Trade Series for the first in a two-part conversation. Peter and Tom start off by talking about strategies based on limited resources. The two then delve to various topics including strategies for startups, the difference in mind set between the East and the West, and various determinants [...]

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Island of the Lost

Island of the Lost By Joan Druett Every now and again, a person ought to be reminded that there have gone before us men and women in far worse circumstances than those we face and who not only survived, but brought others with them through hardship. But we should also learn that hardships are genuinely…hard, and that while some survive to fight another day, many others fall apart and fail. Island of the Lost details such a story which seemingly only providence can provide. […]

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Art of Manliness: Podcast #121

Tom was recently featured on episode 121 of the popular Art of Manliness podcast, a podcast devoted to men’s interests and lifestyle with content geared to helping men become better men. Tom discusses how the Average Joe can improve his critical thinking and be a better strategist. More info at artofmanliness.com.

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Endercast: Podcast #18

Tom was recently featured on episode 18 of the popular Endercast podcast, a podcast devoted to the popular Ender series novels by Orson Scott Card. Tom talks about his involvement in Card’s book “Ender’s World.”

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