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It is easy to say what ought to be done in the abstract.  Offering practical solutions in the concrete reality is difficult.  That is what we’ve done around the world across multiple fields of endeavor.  Many of the papers listed below are available in the public domain, while others require a subscription or purchase from the copyright holder.  The presentations listed below offer an insight into our credibility as evidenced by the multiple institutions, both American and foreign, requesting our presentations on topics ranging from military planning, to civilian relief, to leadership development.

Featured Writing

3004, 2014

Whither Western Influence in the Middle East: The Folly of Developing Military Strategy Absent Collective Policy in the Gulf Region

April 30th, 2014|0 Comments

Patuxent Defense Forum Presentation; St. Mary’s College of Maryland, April 30, 2014 It is really wonderful to be back at St Mary’s. I’ve been to many conferences and campuses, but this place is a tremendous melding of academic rigor, wonderful scenery, and American history. Thank you, Dr. Cain, and your staff, for putting this forum together again. This Year’s Forum poses two particularly interesting questions for NATO to consider: How can the U.S. help foster regional security while pursuing diplomacy aimed at encouraging democratic practices? and Are these diplomatic and military goals at odds or can they be reconciled through new defense policies? These questions afford us participants an opportunity to discuss and seriously consider several difficult issues which are usually discussed in hushed tones behind secure doors, but rarely, if ever, in public fora. Unfortunately for the United States and perhaps for the Middle East as a whole, these issues will likely only remain discussed here and in selected hallways. Without a deliberate, rational and open discussion within and between NATO capitals about political goals in the Gulf region, it will be impossible for NATO, in general, and the US specifically, to develop any meaningful [...]

Sample Papers & Articles

Whither Western Influence in the Middle East
Patuxent Defense Forum at St Mary’s College of Maryland
30 Apr 2014

Capabilities, not Platforms. Integration, not Separation
The Wright Stuff, Vol 3, Issue 21
13 Nov 2008

Patterson School of Diplomacy Address
University of Kentucky
October 2006

The Impact of Anti-Intellectualism in the US Air Force
Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama

Book Review: War Crimes and Just War by Larry May
Cambridge University Press

Articles Tom Ruby has either written or co-written, but does not have redistribution rights to, so a link to purchase them is provided.

Flying High, Thinking Big
The American Interest, Vol. IV, No. 5
Summer 2009

The International Criminal Court (ICC): Could American Military Officers Be Tried in The Hague?
Donald MacCuish and Tom Ruby
Pew Case Studies in International Affairs
Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Georgetown University

US Professional Military Education and Democratization Abroad
Douglas Gibler, University of Alabama and Tom Ruby, USAF
European Journal of International Relations

Available Briefings

Data vs. Knowledge

Guidelines for Ground Truth

Sound Methodology for Sound Research

Academic Scholarly Presentations

“Winning the Peace”
Presentation to the 2010 Patuxent Defense Forum
St. Mary’s College of Maryland, 20 April 2010

“Applied Critical Thinking Strategies for Senior Military Officers”
Presentation to the Polish National Defense University
Warsaw, Poland, 29 Jan 1010

“Methodology and Thinking for NATO Expeditionary Operations”
Presentation to the Expeditionary Operations Course
NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany, 14 May 2008

“Military Planning and Morality in Operations in Iraq”
Presentation to the University of Alabama Political Science Visiting Lecture Series, May 2007

“Critical Thinking for Peace Support Operations Planning”
Presentation to the NATO School, Peace Support Operations Course
NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany, 5 Jul 2006

“The Difficulties of Establishing Ground Truth and Its Importance in Post-Conflict Reconstruction”
Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association
San Diego, California, 22 Mar, 2006

“The War in Iraq from Inside the Green Zone”
Presentation to the George C. Marshall Center for European Security Studies
Garmisch, Germany, 11 Mar 2006

“Political Considerations for Coalition Warfare”
Presentation to the Collège Interarmées de Défènse
École Militaire, Paris, France, 9 Mar 2006

“Political and Military Considerations for Operations in Iraq”
Presentation to the Political Science and Public Policy Department
Emory University, 4 Mar 2005

“Political and Military Considerations for Campaign Planning in Iraq”
Presentation to the Visiting Lecture Series
University of Kentucky and City of Lexington, 14 Jan 2005

“Achieving Moral Outcomes in Military Operations: From 1990 to Present”
Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 17 Mar, 2004

Professional Military Presentations

“Methodology and Critical Thinking for Intelligence Analysis”
Presentation to the Intelligence Master Skills Course
Intelligence Officer School, Goodfellow AFB, Tx.
Recurring Presentations at each course 4 times yearly 2004-Present

“Effects-Based Operations and Critical Thinking for the NATO Mission in Afghanistan”
Presented to the Staff of the NATO Land Component Headquarters
Heidelberg, Germany, 4 Feb 2009

“Planning Coalition Air Operations”
Presentation to the National Defense University
Warsaw, Poland, 15 May 2007

“Campaign Planning Lapses in Iraq and Future Considerations”
Presentation to the Joint Staff
Joint Operations Directorate, Washington, D.C., Oct 2006

“Logistics Planning Considerations in Modern Warfare”
Presentation to the Defence Logistics Institute
Princess Royal Barracks, Camberly, England, 7 Mar 2006

“Doctrinal Lapses in Planning for Air Operations in Yugoslavia”
Presentation to the Air Force Doctrine Center
Montgomery, Alabama, Nov 1998

“Pacific Command Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses Concept of Operation”
Presentation to the Pacific Air Forces Weapons and Tactics Conference
Honolulu, Hawaii, Oct 1995

“Royal Swedish Air Force Capabilities and USAF Support to the JAS-39 Gripen Program”
Presentation to the US Air Force Chief of Staff
Washington, D.C., May 1994

“363 Tactical Fighter Wing Mission Planning Cell and Intelligence Operations During Desert Storm”
Presentation to House Appropriations Committee, House Armed Services Committee,
House Permanent Select Committee for Intelligence, Senate Armed Services Committee,
and Senate Select Committee for Intelligence staff members, Washington, D.C., June 1991