Black Lamb and Grey Falcon

I was very intrigued when I read Georgie Ann Geyer's Buying the Night Flight. This woman traveled alone in a man's world from Egypt to Russia to Cambodia to Cuba in her rise as a foreign correspondent. In reading her autobiography I got the sense of her interaction with her environment and the delicacy it [...]

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Newsmaker – Reflections On A Republic’s Threatened Defense

Well, it happened again...I have to find space on my reading list by taking off a book to make room for a book that needs to go on it. My own rule is that to keep the list on one piece of paper (front and back), if I want to add a title to the [...]

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How Much Willpower Do You Have?

Roy Baumeister (professor of social psychology at Florida State) and John Tierney (long time science correspondent for the New York Times) call Willpower the greatest human strength in the book's very subtitle. A bold statement, and a challenge to hook both the professional who wants more willpower or the one who thinks he has [...]

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A Voyage Long and Strange / Nixonland

A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz Nixonland by Rick Pearlstein Who Writes The Narratives Of What We Believe? Have you ever wondered how it is that we come to accept certain versions of history and what we believe about ourselves and those we associate with? I’m not talking [...]

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The Making of Tomorrow / Men of Responsibility

The Making of Tomorrow by Raoul de Roussy de Sales Men of Responsibility by Dirk U. Stikker One of the truths of sociology and business is that we tend to think that what happens today will happen tomorrow and that what we see today somehow happened yesterday and the day [...]

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