The Big Trade Podcast, part 2 of 2: Ender’s Game ft. Tom Ruby

Tom sits down with Peter Pham for another tactful conversation on strategic planning. To begin part two of their two-part discussion, Peter talks about how to cut out of the noise of bad information in decision-making. Tom then shares his experience with his consultant business. This is followed by a discussion [...]

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Art of Manliness: Podcast #121

Tom was recently featured on episode 121 of the popular Art of Manliness podcast, a podcast devoted to men’s interests and lifestyle with content geared to helping men become better men. Tom discusses how the Average Joe can improve his critical thinking and be a better strategist. More info at [...]

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Endercast: Podcast #18

Tom was recently featured on episode 18 of the popular Endercast podcast, a podcast devoted to the popular Ender series novels by Orson Scott Card. Tom talks about his involvement in Card’s book “Ender’s World.”

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