If You Have to Eat a Frog, Staring at it Won’t Make It Go Down Easier
Tackle the tough issues as soon as you can; it gets harder the longer you wait to do the dirty work.

Bad news doesn’t get better with age, so confront it, fix it and move on.
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Iron Sharpens Iron
You don’t get better as a leader or as a person by taking the easy road.

Challenge yourself every day to get better and challenge your peers, subordinates and superiors.

Nobody likes softness; senior leaders pass quickly by those who make themselves irrelevant; if you are a scoffer, go find something else to do and get out of the way of business success.
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The BGCTS Executive Leadership Experience

The Leadership Experience is an overseas seminar for small groups of leaders focusing on critical thinking and leadership. The small groups will see different cultures and operating environments and will apply their observations to their own organizations and challenges. The Leadership Experience is an interactive seminar facilitated by Tom Ruby. Ideal size is 4 leader participants, however, as few as 2 and as many as 6 participants can make for a very rewarding seminar.

The seminar participants choose ahead of time one of several locations and itineraries. Normally, the itinerary will be about one week including travel. Some itineraries are shorter and others can be longer. Leadership Experience participants will engage in a syllabus facilitated by Tom to encourage discovery, discussion and application of lessons to their own individual situations. By walking through foreign cities and towns, participants will take the time to see the things – customs, building styles, food, work cultures – that they might otherwise miss if they weren’t deliberately taking the time to reflect. Participants will discuss with each other their observations while walking and over shared meals every day. By the end of the seminar, the discussion will naturally get to the deep levels of application to their own operational situations.

BGCTS has itineraries prepared for Germany, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Southern France, Sweden, and Singapore, however, if you wish a different destination, we would be happy to discuss options with you. As an example, the Germany itinerary includes 3 days in Hamburg and 3 days in Bavaria (Munich and Oberammergau) to see, learn about and discuss how two great cities of the same country could be so drastically different and what that implies for business and planning. The Serbia itinerary looks at a country at the crossroads of multiple invasions of Europe throughout history, and the social and cultural impact that has had on the population. Stops include Belgrade to see the fortress at the confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers, the Turkish fortress of Golubac built into the side of a mountain, the town of Kladovo where the ruins of a Roman palace still remain from the time when the emperor Trajan diverted the Danube River to build a bridge across it. Those Bridge pillars still remain today. Finally, the participants will see a small village where more than 400 American Airmen were rescued in a daring operation during World War II.

Sharing meals at carefully selected local restaurants, meeting local people and learning key cultural tidbits that might otherwise be missed, and discussing readings assigned prior to the trip will make for lifelong memories and leaders better able to notice factors that affect their business’s bottom lines that they might otherwise have missed.

Nearly every business sets expectations for annual training, professional development and off-site continuing education. For about the same price, but more likely less money than the company would spend to bring in a high paid consulting firm to talk to a room full of bored leaders itching to get back to their desks, your organizations can send its people abroad and in return see recharged leaders applying new lessons learned. The cost of a notional Leadership Experience for 5 people to Germany would run about $30,000 but that may vary depending on travel costs, times of year and exchange rates.